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3 Ways To Style Seltzer Bottles In Your Home

I am constantly searching for out of the box ways to decorate while still keeping my design fresh. I often find myself perusing the antique market on the weekends, wandering the aisles for tiny treasures to fill my home with history and charm. I love seeing how old is made new, and vice versa. To me, nothing gives off character quite like the combination of a slightly older element intermixed into a new space. Amazingly enough, there’s one decorative piece that encompasses all these things and more – seltzer bottles


What once was delivered straight to every doorstep, seltzer bottles have come a long way since they were first introduced and are now even more sparse than ever before. The fun colored bottles have become a decorating staple for those who love the modern farmhouse look and an exciting past-time for those who love to scavenge for the best looking bottles at antique markets. Even better, they go with a variety of styles and designs due to their versatility and color differences. While I appreciate the look of a truly antiqued seltzer, I love that etúHOME has a modern, present-day approach to the classic glass bottles. Just like any other seltzer bottle, etúHOME has a vast collection of vintage seltzer bottles but the difference is that they are updated with a modern layer of paint around the outside. True to their roots, the bottles boast their original top, maintaining that historic feel which makes them so special.   


All that being said, there truly are three ways I like to display the bottles. The first, is to display the bottles in a uniform line on any open shelving or countertop space. The bottles, of course, do not function anymore like they once did, but they serve as a pretty reminder of times past. If you especially love the idea of a modern kitchen, the bottles bring warmth into the design without killing the overall aesthetic. 


Another great way to display the bottles is by intermixing colors. etúHOME has a great selection of pretty neutrals to satisfy even the most even-tone style, so there really is something for everyone. I go crazy over the look of the silver, grey, white and frosted bottles all together. There is just something so creative and quirky about the shape of the bottle, while the colors give an updated feel to your space. 


Lastly, never underestimate the power of one bottle displayed all by itself. The crucial element the bottles bring is their charm and history. Sometimes less is more and although the bottles look amazing in a group, one by itself can truly shine.

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