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20% Off All Charcuterie Boards | Promo Code: BOARD20

A Classic Design For Every Home

Happy early Mother’s Day to all the amazing mom’s out there! We hope your day starts with breakfast in bed and fresh blooms in your favorite etuHOME Colorblock Mason Jar!

Our Colorblock Mason Jar is a gift in and of itself. The talent and craftsmanship that goes into each piece explains why this is an etuHOME customer favorite!

The Hand Behind The Product: Each Colorblock Mason Jar is made of melted recycled glass. The hot glass is then mouth blown by local European artisans into vintage-inspired casts to retain its beautiful hue and characteristic appeal. Once the jar has been crafted, it is then finished with a colored mod gloss paint adding just the right contemporary edge for the modern home.

The Beginning of the Mason Jar: Once a key necessity in the kitchen, mason jars were a go-to for canning and preserving foods. The glass jars were a safe way of storing food and were covered with a muslin cloth for later use. This was a common practice found in small Hungarian villages where mouth-blown mason jars were used for pickling the famous local white peppers.


A Classically Rooted Design in Today’s Modern World: The use of mason jars are truly endless. We value this classic design and have updated it for the modern home in various sizes and colors. These one-of-a-kind, mouth blown pieces are ideal for virtually any room of the house and instantly brighten it when filled with fresh blooms. etuHOME mason jars also serve as functional storage solutions.

Shop our Colorblock Mason Jars now for your summer kitchen table or to put a smile on your mom’s face!

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