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Check Out the Owner's Atlanta Home!

Joe and Stacy’s love for the European lifestyle has beautifully translated into their family home in Atlanta, Georgia. Years spent traveling for both business and pleasure have yielded authentic accents offering up a residence rich in European history but with a decidedly modern flair. Naturally, their home is chock full of etúHOME’s classic pieces helping to transform their contemporary residence into a timeless gem that they call home.

Recently, their house was featured in the home and garden magazine, The Cottage Journal. The magazine has consistently utilized etúHOME kitchen wood and glass accents to enhance their covers throughout the years but this time decided to do a feature photo-shoot at the couple’s home. As you can see from the images, Stacy has created an elegant kitchen with antique wood beams and flooring from Europe. The couple is constantly entertaining in this area always reaching for their very own trivets, pizza boards and cloches.

Check out the article and start curating your own life well lived through etúHOME’s sustainable products.





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