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Four Ways To Entertain Outside This Summer

I’m not sure about the weather wherever you are located, but here in Atlanta we’ve been suffering through plenty of muggy rain. I’m not quite sure where the sunshine went, but I think I may just send him a postcard and let him know we’re missing him over here in the South. When the sunshine does come back around, I absolutely cannot wait to host company in my backyard. I can’t quite place a finger on it, but there is something so special about having friends over when it is nice outside and we can lounge right in my own backyard. Whether it involves pouring a nice bottle of red, grilling out filet mignon or laying down a sunny afternoon picnic, backyard entertaining can be a joyful occasion. 


  1. Afternoon Picnic

A fétè fit for a sunny day, a summer picnic is the perfect excuse to break out the wine a little early. For those who have lived in or traveled to Europe, then you know too well that there is never an occasion too small to break out the wine. I love throwing a Small Round Charcuterie Board into my bag to serve as the perfect spot for my selection of meats and cheeses that pair with my wine. The simple spread is perfect for those who want to throw it all together and head outdoors as soon as they can.

 Perfect Pairing -

Havarti + Rosé 


  1. Cocktail Hour

If you’ve been looking for the perfect excuse to kick back with friends and enjoy a glass of wine, cocktail hour may just be the afternoon entertaining event for you. The beauty of cocktail hour is that it doesn’t take much to make this kind of gathering memorable and full of fun. With a couple appetizers out for guests to enjoy and plenty of wine or mixed cocktails to go around, you really can do no wrong. With the help of a set of Brasserie Trivets, your small eats will stand out amongst your table and invite guests to delight in them. We recommend hosting this gathering in your own backyard or patio – string some lights and enjoy a cozy and intimate atmosphere with your loved ones.

 Perfect Pairing:

Cranberry and Brie Crostini + Chardonnay 


  1. Main Course

The main course is the best course, or at least to me it is. I love the idea of grilling out anything and everything to make a bold flavor that only can be described as ‘summer’. I have ventured from the norm and laid a large piece of romaine on my grill to give it a nice char for a fun take on caesar salad. I also love laying fruit down on my grill like pineapple or peaches to give them a nice flavor for salads, kabobs or appetizers. However, not everything can fill up the grill, so I then lean on my etúHOME Bakers to keep all my side dishes together. This way all of my sides are uniform and I can easily move them from oven to table.

 Perfect Pairing:

Salmon + Sauvignon Blanc


  1. Delightful Desserts – Cake Stands

If you’re searching for an occasion to indulge your sweet tooth, a backyard dessert party may be right up your alley. Having people over for sinful treats is a simple and fun way to host at your house. Whip up a couple of your own sweet confections and then have guests bring a few of their own so you have a well-mixed spread. As far as display goes, cake stands can hold everything from pies, to cupcakes to larger cakes. I love the etúHOME selection because we have a large variety of different shapes, sizes and colors of cake stands to choose from so I have one stand for just about every dessert you can imagine.

 Perfect Pairing:

Chocolate Cake + Shiraz

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