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20% Off All Charcuterie Boards | Promo Code: BOARD20
Freshen Up Your Home For The New Year

Freshen Up Your Home For The New Year

It’s 2018! Can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday we were ringing in 2017. I love when the New Year allows me to turn a new leaf. There’s never a downside to starting over and that’s why I have learned to love the arrival of a new year. With it, comes the task of taking down all of my holiday décor and totally overhauling my home. Something about putting away all of the garland and the tree gives me the redecorating bug. Anyone else feel the same way? Here are my three favorite ways to get your home refreshed and ready for a new chapter! 

Rearrange your kitchen.
The heart of the home is the kitchen and I think out of all places, this is the best area to start on when you have a decorating itch. There’s nothing quite like reorganizing and rearranging your countertop and cabinets. I love to have a cutting board or a cake stand that permanently takes up residence on my counter. To me, the easiest way to transform my kitchen is by switching out these staple pieces. I switch a large cutting board for a smaller one, like the etúHOME Medium Italian Cutting Board. I then top it off with their Medium Demijohn Cloche for a statement piece. This instantly gives my kitchen a face-lift in the most minimalist way. 

Etuhome Palermo Candle

Refresh your space.
Sure you can redecorate so that your home is more pleasing to the eye, but what about redecorating with a nice aroma? As I do away with all of my holiday scented candles, I crave a newer, clean scent with the new year. I love how the Large etúHOME Palermo candle doesn’t sacrifice style for fragrance. These large candles are aromatic and are great for filling a room without being overpowering. Once your candle is gone, you are left with a small glass bowl you can use as décor later on. 

etúHOME Grey Colorblock Mason Jar

Mix in contemporary elements.
Whether your home boasts traditional or modern décor there’s no wrong way to incorporate a touch of contemporary elements. The beautiful appeal of our recycled glass Mason Jars make for an amazing display or stand-alone vase. I find that by placing the glass containers in my home, it instantly picks up a room. My recent fave is an etúHOME Grey Colorblock Mason Jar. The grey part of the vase gives it a modern feel while it also hides the stems and water of my favorite flower arrangement.
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