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20% Off All Charcuterie Boards | Promo Code: BOARD20
Host A Holiday Cookie Party

Host A Holiday Cookie Party

This holiday season, I wanted to do more than just throw a typical holiday party. I wanted an event that everyone could participate in and get excited about. I figured there was no better way to do this than to host a holiday cookie party! For all the tips, tricks and details – keep reading! 

etúHOME Holiday Cookie Party Small Trivet

For those who have never experienced a cookie party, the premise is simple. All you need is a few friends and have each one of them agree to bake two dozen of their favorite cookie recipe. Just for extra fun, have them bring along the recipe so everyone can remake all of the cookies at home! 

etúHOME Cookie Party

First things first, you must gather together all of your favorite serveware so that the cookies can be spread out once it is party time. I chose an assortment of serving pieces from etúHOME to help me with my display. I grabbed some pieces with a broader surface like the Oversized Round Footed Serving Board and added a Small Demijohn Bowl and Small Round Trivet atop of it to hold a bit more of the smaller cookies. I then used Short and Tall Bordeaux Cake Stands to add some height to my display.


Lastly, to add some additional display space, I incorporated a Large Rectangle Trivet. The trivet blends well with the other serving pieces but doesn’t distract from all of the yummy treats. Other than enjoying too many cookies – the only other item on the agenda is to have storage containers so the leftovers can go home with all of your guests. Enjoy! 

etúHOME Holiday Cookie Party

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