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How To Serve Your Family With One Hand

How To Serve Your Family With One Hand

I don’t know about anyone else, but by the time dinner hits, it seems like everyone including myself is as hungry as can be. One of my favorite ways to cure the hunger and effortlessly serve guests is by using a rotating serving piece, otherwise known as a lazy susan.


A lazy susan is a great serving piece to have on hand when you want to make several dishes and lay them out for easy distributing. I honestly think the lazy susan is one of the most underrated kitchen items. Here’s why, with a lazy susan you remove the need for “passing the potatoes to the left,” and you are able to enjoy a meal without any interruption.  It’s been noted that the lazy susan was created around the 18th century when the use of household help was declining. Let’s be honest, I need all the household help I can get, so if the lazy susan brings me one step closer to that goal, I’m in.


Not only do lazy susans allow you to literally serve a meal with one hand, they are also handy for your kitchen counter. So, Place my new fave piece of serveware on your countertop and let it become a home for your utensil crocks and salt and pepper shakers. Not keen on leaving it on your countertop? Mine sits nicely on my kitchen table and I love using it as a riser for any festive holiday décor or just a simple flower vase for everyday decoration. What you use your lazy susan for is up to you, but whichever way you use it, I know it will be just as convenient and helpful for you as I have found it to be in my kitchen.

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