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etúHOME is... 

MAD for MOD!  

At etúHOME we do not follow trends but instead seek to set trends by applying timelessness design, a special form of sustainability. 

Our largest and most exciting theme is 'Mad for Mod'. This is a nod to mid-century modern design. This aesthetic is quite important as it highlights vital components of key etúHOME products. Mid-century modern pieces are often characterized by simple lines, natural materials and ease of use.  

This season we have stripped down our products to their essential forms,  giving maximum utility from reduced construction. We throw caution to the wind  as we play with bold shapes and colors, something we haven’t exactly done before. You will see bright colors and geometric shapes but always juxtaposed with something classic - whether updating the base of a traditional coffee table or filling a clear antique balon with a colorful cord, turning it into a lamp.  

The look connects the two worlds of organic and man-made by repurposing objects, making new objects from recycled and natural materials and mixing antique and vintage pieces with newly made authentically inspired pieces. We are all about the mix of old and new and our brand is the perfect representation of this medley.

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