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Meet Stacy Borocz of etúHOME in Roswell

Meet Stacy Borocz of etúHOME in Roswell

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Stacy Borocz.

etuHOME Founder Stacy Borocz

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

In the late 90’s I began traveling to Hungary and in early 2005 I found myself living as an expat in Budapest due to my husband’s job. As a former buyer for several major retailers, my merchant background came alive in this European city on the brink of great change. Budapest bursting with all the glamour of a city coming into its own at the turn of the 19th century was still hidden behind a stunning yet fading architectural facade that had remained dormant through 50 years of communist rule. The country was just opening to the West and I was an eager participant to share both its magnificent history, culture and creativity with consumers back home.

The company was founded to bring this quintessential European lifestyle to the American consumer, authentically and affordably. Our initial efforts focused on vintage pieces and found objects. Today we have one of the largest sourcing networks throughout Europe scouring the entire continent well beyond Hungary’s borders including France, Italy, Germany and England.

So, as the company grew and the demand for our authentic European kitchen accents grew, we opened a factory in Hungary to help us keep the pace and grow our passion. Today we recreate authentic products fashioned from reclaimed wood and recycled glass, making our product line totally green and sustainable. Our pieces remain artisanal; hand crafted and mouth blown, true to their sustainable roots.

Has it been a smooth road?

A smooth road would surely make for a boring drive. I am pleased that ours has been and continues to be a much more exciting journey! Growth fuels change and for us it was keeping up with the demand for our product yet maintaining our dedication to our sustainable roots.  Ensuring the “found” nature of our products and authenticity of our re-created pieces, has been time consuming.

However, its where our passion lies and what the etúHOME brand is all about. Re-creating product that captures the spirit of the European lifestyle for the kitchen, garden and vineyard. Each piece we create is rooted in the classics and therefore it must be hand crafted from sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood.

Our enduring belief is that life is best enjoyed around family, friends, good food and better wine! etúHOME’s serving pieces and kitchen accents are designed to reflect that quintessential European lifestyle by weaving these objects into daily life, as they were once upon a time. While our inspiration comes from authentic originals, our products are always updated with the modern home in mind.

So, let’s switch gears a bit and go into the etúHOME story. Tell us more about the business.

We sell Classic European accents, accessories and furniture for the Kitchen, Garden and Vineyard (aka wine cellar).

We are known for key items that define the European kitchen such as reclaimed wood pizza boards and baguette boards as well as unique yet purposeful recycled glass mason jars and flower vases.

We are also the place to go for authentic European “found” objects such as dough bowls and demijohn wine bottles.

Recently we launched a new line of home fragrance candles specifically for the kitchen. Our line of kitchen candles currently features 8 unique scents representing pure herbs and spices from 8 different European cities. All our candles are hand poured in France and feature scents like Napoli which is all about fresh basil and tomato or my favorite, Palermo, which is the perfect blend of ginger and lemons!

Wood Serving Trays


Wood Cutting and Serving Boards


reclaimed wood trivet


white scented kitchen candle


recycled glass mason jar


reclaimed wood pizza boards


glass flower vase

rustic dough bowl



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