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Our 5 Favorite Kitchen Items

Over the years, many of you have asked which products are our personal favorites or our must haves. I asked the owner, Stacy for her opinion on all of our kitchen products, after all she is the expert. Below are her absolute favorites and her top recommendations.

Stacy's favorite etúHOME product pairing is our Demijohn Cloche on top of our Medium Round Trivet. Cheese, crackers, fruit and of course wine, take center stage with choice number one and number two.  Noting that every time she serves on these tried and true pieces the compliments always turn into conversation starters, often about the company’s commitment to sustainability, a topic true to her heart.  The Demijohn Cloche is also the perfect cover for hot or cold appetizers.

Number three on the list is the Large Farmtable Plank. Stacy's favorite use for her now time-worn Farmtable Plank is serving mini desserts. She loves to line them up along the plank and serve to her guests, finding it’s harder to choose a favorite this way so why not have a slice of each!  

The French Cutting Board is Stacy's all time go to etúHOME cutting board. Noting she uses it for absolutely everything from chopping veggies to slicing fruit. The sheer weight, size and overall impressive nature of this piece makes it a great one to leave on your countertop, which she often does.

Finally and fifth on the ‘fave” list is our new Palermo kitchen candle. No matter what time of day, she loves to light this candle and enjoy the lemon and ginger scent in her kitchen. With 11% essential oils and all the pure herbs and spices reminiscent of our new cuisine candle introduction, this one is surely not to be missed.

Now you know Stacy's top five kitchen products, enjoy them for yourself today!

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