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Pass on Plastic... Go with Glass

Last week we shared the inspiration behind the classic European Pantry as we debuted our new glass canister collection and our versatile and modern storage solutions.

Turns out, we are so excited about our new European Pantry, we decided to chatter on about it again this week.  While we absolutely love the clean lines of our glass storage containers and are insanely crazy about the reclaimed wood tops and their super sturdy gaskets, the game changer here is all about the vessel itself.  It’s glass, not plastic, and at etuHOME we know that matters.  Here’s why:

  1. Glass is cleaner than plastic.
  2. Glass is nonporous so it doesn't absorb germs and smells.
  3. Glass can be safely washed at high temperatures in your dishwasher.
  4. Glass containers are reusable.
  5. Plastic containers have health risks, leaching chemicals into food when heated.
  6. Plastic containers leach chemicals into acidic foods without being heated. (think leftover spaghetti)
  7. Glass containers are recyclable, only 14% of plastic vessels can be recycled.

So, stock up on etuHOME Glass Storage Solutions and just in case you need to know what to fill your new glass canisters, mason jars or bon bon jars with, here’s our go-to list of healthy dry good staples for your new pantry!  Use our reusable galvi hang tags to label your healthy fare.

At etuHOME we celebrate the kitchen as a modern living space where friends and family gather together.  Always believing that life is best lived when we take the time to enjoy each other by sharing good food and vibrant conversation in warm surroundings.  Get your pantry game on and embrace a true living kitchen.


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