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Take Your Mom To Geneva for Mother’s Day

Take Your Mom To Geneva for Mother’s Day

Mère, Madre, Mother, whatever the language, she deserves only the best. You can never go wrong with gifting a classic like flowers and chocolate. But trust me, you won’t miss a beat by skipping these safe choices, because I have something even better that Mom will love.

etuhome kitchen candle

The Geneva Candle is the perfect size for gifting and comes in a brilliant aroma of blended chocolate and hazelnut. So, about the candle’s namesake, the city of Geneva, located at the bottom of the Swiss Alps, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and is basically known for all things chocolate. Every time I light my etúHOME candle, I instantly feel like I am transported to a Swiss chalet as the aroma fills the room.


In case you aren’t already convinced enough at this point, let me ask you, who doesn’t like chocolate? Combined with the nutty and ever so popular hazelnut, the baked notes of this sweet candle are sure to be as sweet as Mom.

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