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The Key To Achieving An Open Kitchen Feel With One Simple Step

The key to creating an open kitchen environment is not as complicated as it may seem. I recently have found myself admiring the beautiful open shelving I have witnessed in popular kitchens throughout Instagram and Pinterest. I love the idea of an open and airy environment, especially in the kitchen, because it creates a space friendly for personalization and transformation. I wanted to show a couple of my favorite sets of open shelf designs and give some inspiration if you’re looking to add some wall storage to your space! 

etúHOME Open Shelving

  1. Repetition

It may seem like the easiest way to get started, and trust me it is. All of your favorite dishes that you have multiples of? They’re going to look great displayed for all to see. Don’t be scared to stack them to make an awesome statement. Not only do the dishes look amazing, they also can be easily accessed when it’s time to gather around the table.

Get the look here:

Add 2-3 colored etúHOME seltzer bottles to your shelves to accomplish simple repetition. 

etúHOME Open Shelving

  1. Make your display personalized to you

The most fun part of having open shelving in your kitchen is all of the possibilities it entails. I love seeing how different each shelf display looks depending on whose home they reside in. I think you can tell a lot about someone by what they choose to showcase, so just go for it! Choose pieces of artwork that you love and that you think will emphasize the space.

Get the look here:

Add a French Framed Botanical to personalize your space and achieve a simple Parisian look. 

etúHOME Open Shelving

  1. Incorporate color

Don’t be shy about adding color into your open shelving! It would be such a mistake to miss out on these little details, they truly can make all the difference. I recently have seen black accents making a comeback in the kitchen, so I love how the shelves (pictured above) have black accents mixed throughout. And don’t forget, metallics count as colors as well! Any shelves that have a touch of copper or gold are welcome in my book.

Get the look:

In need of some color? The etúHOME Green Flower Vase is a great piece to incorporate to add color to your kitchen!

Want to create your own open shelf display? Get started with etúHOME’s three-foot Saddle Shelf and Bracket collection.

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