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The Making Of Our Sphere Vases

The Making Of Our Sphere Vases

When it comes to our unique Sphere Bud Vases, there just isn’t anything quite like them. The round flower vases sit on their side, at just enough of a tilt that allows them to exude charm and character. These little vases are versatile and fun, adding an upbeat feeling into any space. From a minimalist flower vase to a quirky cocktail glass, the uses for our sphere vases just keep on adding up. The more of these vases, the better! Fill them up in your favorite dough bowl or let the small vase make a big statement all on its own. No matter the ways, we know you will fall in love at first sight. 

What you may not know, is that the craftsmanship and time that goes into just making one of these vases, is an outstanding amount of work. Each Sphere Vase is delicately handles and mouth blown in order to get their novelty shape. To see the whole process from start to finish, check out the video below:

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