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The Mason Jars That Have Everyone Talking

The Mason Jars That Have Everyone Talking

If there is one thing for certain, it’s that there is raw beauty in minor imperfections. Everything from etúHOME’s reclaimed wood trivets to the recycled glass demijohns vary in size, shape and coloring due to the natural beauty they possess. With this in mind, we consciously made an effort to create a new glass vessel that will exert this kind of raw and organic beauty, leading to the creation of our French Mason Jars.

A great contrast to our widely popular, utilitarian Mason Jars, the organic shaped jars are effortlessly gorgeous due to the mouth-blown technique which is used in their creation. While our classic Mason Jars have a definite structure, these jars exude a more free-form elegance, which we find to be their most loveable trait. The French Mason Jars get their name from the glass seal they boast, bearing a small bee. The tiny bee with it’s out-stretched wings make the mason jars even more charming and perfect for your kitchen counter. 

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