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The Spring Home Trend That Will Get Everyone Talking

The Spring Home Trend That Will Get Everyone Talking


etuHOME sphere glass vases - spring colors

Decorating for the seasons can be tough. We wanted an accent piece to decorate with this spring that could also be used year-round. Our Sphere Bud Vases in a spring color assortment have truly redefined decorating when it comes to multi-functional uses. The spring set includes our authentic sphere bud vases in lilac, mist and mint. These vases are a guaranteed way to leave your family and friends speechless and will enable you to use them even when spring has long past sprung.

Bud Vase - In the easiest and most simple of ways, place a single flower bud in the vase for a pretty decorative piece. We love the look of white flowers that contrast with the bright colors of the vases.

Place Settings - Tie a galvanized tag around the lip of the Sphere Bud Vase and use a chalk pen to write the names of your guests for an easy and unique place setting.

Candy Jar - Revamp your basic candy jars and place small candy like jelly beans and M&Ms in these Sphere Bud Vases as a fun container. Better yet, with Easter approaching, the vases serve as a great Easter Basket alternative.

etuHOME Sphere Glass Vase Candy Jar

Drinking Glass - If you are hosting a party and looking for something that will set you apart, the Sphere Bud Vases also work great as quirky drinking glasses. Pair the glass vases with a patterned paper straw and fill it with punch and you will have an exciting container for all beverages across the board.

Bowl Accessory- Have a large bowl or a dough bowl laying around? These are the perfect vessel to create an arrangement by stacking some Sphere Bud Vases. The Sphere Bud Vases are a perfect filler because they come varying in colors giving off a unique but classic appeal.

etuHOME Vases in Rustic Bread Bowl

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