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The Ultimate “Grown Up” Pizza Party

The Ultimate “Grown Up” Pizza Party

Does anyone remember how much they used to look forward to pizza parties? I would give anything to have enough time where I can gather with all of my friends just to eat a great slice of pizza, and I mean real pizza. I have decided that the days of pizza parties should no longer be stuck in the past. I’m encouraging everyone and anyone to grab your best pals and throw a “grown up pizza party” with gourmet pizzas fit for a hard-working adult.  



Serving -  Allow your fine eats to stand out by placing them on a surface that wows. Pizza Boards made of hardwood are the perfect tabletop accessory for prep and serving. With a wood pizza board made from oak or beech, you not only have a great serving piece but also an impromptu cutting board.

Ambience - Light some little candles for ambience and add a small chalkboard sign to tell guests which pizzas are on the menu for the night.


Four pizza recipes that I am going to try at my next pizza party were ones I found while surfing the web. Mixed in with some classics, I wanted to do something a little more gourmet and adventurous, after all, we are adults.

Peach and Burrata Pizza with Honey Balsamic

Roasted Tomato, Goat Cheese and Pesto Pizza

Prosciutto, Fig and Arugula Pizza

Margherita Pizza


A party isn’t complete without wine pairings. Pair the prosciutto pizza with a nice buttery chardonnay. Add a bubbly twist by pairing the roasted tomato and goat cheese pizza with a nice glass of Prosecco. Classic Margherita pizzas can be mixed with light red wines or a dry Rosé. Last but certainly not least, enjoy the peach and burrata pizza with a bottle of Pinot Noir and let the meal be savored even more.

For more information on each pizza, head on over to the etúHOME Pinterest page (etúHOME) and check them out under the ‘Pizza Boards’ Board!


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