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This One Simple Step Will Spruce Up Your Baking

This One Simple Step Will Spruce Up Your Baking

Let the summer sun shine into your kitchen because the season for swimming, outdoor entertaining and baking (yeah, you heard me) has officially arrived. We know you are jumping at the chance to put your baking skills to the test and prove to all your friends that you are a whiz in the kitchen so I’m giving you one of my fave baking secrets to kick off summer!

Cake Stand

Now hear me out, I know baking can sometimes seem like a daunting task. While I like to often challenge myself with the science of baking and enjoy the process, there are also times when I just want to whip something up and let it be. This is one of those times. This easy step works for just about any cake and could be perfect for your Fourth of July spread, but also can be adapted year-round. 

Cake Stand

Simply make any flavor cake, or if you are short on time, buy one from your local grocery store and decorate it with fresh berries or fruit. Sit it upon an etúHOME cake stand to showcase your creation. Easy peasy! This is my favorite trick to make any cake or baked goodie look homemade. 

What the fresh fruit does is add a light and refreshing element into your baked good as a nice little juxtaposition to the sinfully sweet treat. I have found that it also enables people to help themselves to a second helping. It has to be healthy and good for you if it contains fruit, right? Summer is the perfect time to grab berries that are in season and ripe like blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. 

Etuhome Cake Stand

The options are endless when it comes to adding this organic element into your fresh baked desserts. I have used it to adorn cheesecakes, spruce up chocolate cake and decorate naked cakes. And don’t forget the easiest finishing garnish, a sprig of fresh mint leaves for a touch of greenery.

- Your etúHOME It-Girl 
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