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Three Cutting Boards That Are Transforming My Kitchen

Three Cutting Boards That Are Transforming My Kitchen

It’s your etúHOME "It Girl" here, and today I want to share with you some of my recent revelations when it comes to the absolute kitchen essential, the cutting board. Now cutting boards are a necessity in the kitchen for several reasons. The first and most obvious, is that they serve as the number one place you chop, cut and slice. Another less obvious reason is they serve as additional décor. While plastic cutting boards are of course a big no-no for the environment, they clearly take away from your awesome kitchen.  So trust me, wood boards win on both accounts and are the answer for your perfectly styled kitchen. Luckily, I’ve spent plenty of time on the etúHOME website and can share with you three cutting board cuties that I think everyone should try out for themselves. 


The Farmhouse Cutting Board goes above and beyond. As you can see, the board is great for those who want to incorporate a contemporary, yet farmhouse aesthetic into their kitchen. The rustic reclaimed wood contrasts with the two iron handles for easy handling with a stylish flair. 


The Reclaimed Chopping Block was inspired by a European original. The sloping sides of the board give it a unique shape. The cutting board is thick and hearty and its size is not to be underestimated. The smaller board is substantial and makes for a great decorative accent propped up in the kitchen. Be sure to give this one a go. 


The saying, “the best things come in small packages” reigns true with these Tasting Boards. The set comes in a pack of three, in alternating sizes and shapes. The boards become extremely useful when needing to cut several different items at once. Not to mention, they make serving apps at any gathering an easy task.

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