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The etúHOME brand is bursting with all things creative, sophisticated and enjoyable. So, it only makes sense that our office reflects our design aesthetic and enables us to work as efficiently (and stylishly) as possible! 


In May, etúHOME relocated to a new office space, and in the home furnishings industry that only mean one thing: a blank canvas! We were excited at the anticipation of totally overhauling an empty office.  Just the idea of making the space entirely a design of our own was a challenge we could not wait to dive into. 


Our first project in the new office was the creative space where our marketing and product development team reside. 


To start, the easiest task was determining which color scheme we would be using throughout the office. Naturally, we used our brand colors of neutral whites and grey for the backdrop. We wanted to have a room with clean lines and a more contemporary style, so we selected a clean grey paint with blue undertones for the walls of the office. Because the creative space lacks windows, it was important to keep the room bright with lots of white, while the black accent colors maintained a modern work environment. 


Our product development and marketing team work very closely together on a day to day basis and because of this, we wanted to create a workspace where they could have open discussions as a team but also have individual workstations. In order for each person to have a space of their own, we created custom desks with soft closing drawers for storage. 

Next, because communication is the key to success, it was important that this space be welcoming to open discussions and serve as a meeting place for everyone in the office. We created a custom bar-height counter to serve as the focal point of the room, which is perfect for team brainstorming lunches, laying out design plans, viewing new products and offering a great change of scenery when you may be stuck in a creative rut. Not to mention, it also has additional storage space underneath so our product manager can store plenty of product samples! It’s not unusual to walk into this area and find a delicious etúHOME candle burning on the countertop. 


For the final touches, we decked the walls! We love the open shelving concept, so it was an easy decision to use our etúHOME shelves in white and our simple black brackets. This created additional storage space and allowed us to feature some of our favorite products to be on hand for future reference. We incorporated in some artwork and several bulletin boards for design inspiration, photoshoot ideas and marketing materials. Additionally, we added a whiteboard and a chalkboard roll so that we had plenty of space to write down any ideas that came to mind at a moment’s notice, while making sure all our key deadlines were never to be missed. 



Walking into our creative space is sure to inspire and we’re so glad to share it with you! To shop the products seen in the room, you can click on the links below!

Grey Colorblock Mason Jar I Simple Shelf and Simple Shelf Bracket l Demijohn Bowl l White Logo Pizza Board l Frosted Seltzer Bottle l Large etúHOME Candle l Sphere Vase, Clear l Round Beech Pizza Board l Silver Colorblock Mason Jar l French Mason Jars l

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