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Why etúHOME Embraces Green In More Ways Than One

Why etúHOME Embraces Green In More Ways Than One

It’s the luck of the Irish… or something like that, and in just a few short days it will be Saint Patty’s Day. This holiday always calls for celebration! If your life motto is “eat, drink and be merry” you may find yourself feeling like a little tot on Christmas Eve in anticipation of the holiday. St Patty’s Day truly dyes the town green and for me, the Irish holiday instantly makes me feel as if spring has officially sprung. Any holiday that revolves around friends, and enjoying a nice beverage, is one that I can celebrate – and isn’t that really 90% of the holidays anyways? When it comes to the celebration of Saint Patrick, we all know if you are not sporting a green ensemble, you may get pinched. I have to say, the same rule should always apply to your home! There are so many ways to “go green” under your roof and not all of them have to include a pop of emerald color. 


My fave, etúHOME, has all the necessary means to accomplish this. One of the easiest ways to implement green elements into your home is by adding fresh flowers and plants! It’s a simple fix and you don’t have to spend a ton, just grab some from your personal garden. Don’t have a garden? This provides an even better opportunity to give back to the Earth, just plant one and voila! etúHOME has a wide variety of flower vases, mason jars and handthrown pitchers that can serve as a vessel for your homegrown bunch. 


Just as much as I want to feature green décor and elements into my space, I also want to make sure the food I eat does as well. I try to reduce waste as much as possible and buy from my local farmer’s market when it’s convenient. It’s easier said than done but I always feel impeccably well after supporting local businesses, while also knowing where my food is coming from. The garden I mentioned earlier? I also try to plant all my favorite fruits and veggies so I have them on hand every season. When the weather is nice and my plants are producing fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, I feel more ‘green’ and happy! 


Because I care about what goes into my body, I also have discovered a passion for finding sustainable products to serve my food on. It’s often an afterthought for most people but I think it’s just as important of a step towards embracing a more organic lifestyle. If Saint Patty’s Day is all about eating and drinking, bettering my life through an effort of becoming more earth conscious, is my ‘merry’ in the puzzle. Luckily, etúHOME embraces a sustainable approach to home décor and accessories that make going “green” an easy task. All of their wooden kitchen accessories are handcrafted from reclaimed wood, meaning no new trees are ever chopped down in the process. Not only this, but their glass is also crafted using time honored techniques and recycled glass. This allows each piece to boast an artisanal element, given to them from the hands of the craftsman. The fact that they don’t mass produce their products is a breath of fresh air! 


As you can see, going “green” in honor of St Patty’s Day is easier than you may have originally thought! Head on over to etúHOME and I promise, you won’t look back on an adventure quite like this one.

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