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Our Green Philosophy

Beauty and sustainability are intrinsically linked. We believe that beautiful objects are ones that have a personal meaning to you, and are those that you keep, long after their original use is forgotten. To that end, using time honored and environmentally friendly techniques, we aim to create treasured pieces for you to enjoy on a daily basis, and that future generations will appreciate for years to come.

All of our tabletop items, including trivets, serving boards and hardwood cutting boards are made of reclaimed wood, and are 100% sustainable. Newly produced by artisans in our factory in Hungary, each piece is created from vintage pine and hardwood, salvaged from 19th century European buildings slated for demolition. After the wood is fumigated, treated, and shaped into everyday works of art, we hand finish each piece with eco-friendly, natural beeswax and mineral oil. In the same manner, our furniture collection is also fashioned from reclaimed timber, and is inspired by our favorite antique pieces found throughout Europe. Our eye for detail extends to the method in which we craft every piece; with the utmost attention to quality and precision. We consider each etúHOME piece to be an investment and are proud to say no new wood is ever harvested in the creation process.

We believe that sustainability should extend to communities as well as objects. etúHOME is pleased to share the oral history of storied objects and their uses, and fosters the economic growth of the individual towns, villages and communities in which they originate.