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20% Off All Charcuterie Boards | Promo Code: BOARD20

Behind The Design: Bistro & Biergarten Tables

Found Biergarten Table

Kick start your summer with a found table from a much simpler time. Our folded bistro and Biergarten tables exemplify a lifestyle of laid back entertainment. Whether sharing an espresso or a pitcher of beer, we have a table to fit your special space outdoors.

Each table resembles the true purpose of its design and embodies its characteristics from its lifetime as it's been passed from generation to generation.

Found Bistro Table Set

Behind the Bistro Table

The bistro table was introduced in the late 1600s when the first Bistro Café opened in Paris, France. The small tables were designed with marble table tops to set the café apart from the endless taverns located around the city.

In 1889 when the Eiffel Tower was completed, the industrial iron design was favored reflecting in the iconic iron folding bistro table and chairs. Throughout the city, small French cafes flourish with iron bistro sets along sidewalks and in courtyards. The intimate tables quickly became known as the best seat in the city to people watch. These stylish, yet practical tables and chairs made it easy for businesses to fold for safe storing inside after business hours.  

Found Biergarten Table

Behind the Biergarten Table

The Biergarten table originated in Munich, Bavaria during the 19th century where beer gardens dominated the social world. A hot spot for picnics and a toast to a refreshing pint of beer, this way of life quickly became a tradition in the German culture.

The tradition is celebrated through a special holiday, Oktoberfest, in Munich every year. The celebration consists of large tents filled with Biergarten tables where thousands of people celebrate through food, laughter, and dancing.

Fulfill your summer entertainment needs by bringing Oktoberfest to your backyard or by adding the perfect intimate table to your patio.  Shop our Found Tables Below.



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