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Bring Provence Home with our Farmhouse Tables

Aix en Provence

Built for those who strive to admire the small joys in life and appreciate a simpler way of living, our Provence Collection embodies the laid-back lifestyle of the sunny countryside of Aix en Provence, France.

For those who haven’t traveled to this idyllic city, it is the picture of provincial style and attitude. Sun-washed buildings, chipped blue doors, Cyprus tree-lined streets, and the smell of fresh lavender wafting through the air, you can almost feel the laisse-faire style of the city’s inhabitants rubbing off on you. The sea-salted air blows in from the Mediterranean, and a cool glass of rosé sits on your café table while you watch stylish passersby stroll through town.

Provence Farm Table

Our farmhouse tables reflect this lifestyle, inspired by classically rooted European designs, time-honored techniques and honest materials you can trust. These family tables are constructed from sustainable wood, obtained from 19th-century buildings throughout Hungary. The reclaimed wooden beams bring the outdoors into your home for an ‘en plein air’ feel, fit for any occasion. These robust tables merge the elegance of Old World Europe with the rustic country elements of farmhouse design. 

Our tables are meant to be used in everyday living and are designed with the modern family in mind. We looked at dozens of antique farmhouse tables collected from the South of France when designing this perfect dining table and updated it to standard American dimensions, increasing the height and widening the tabletop, ensuring all size families could enjoy long meals or the joy of hosting.

Imagine your table, draped in the finest crops of the season. Fresh vegetables from the local farmer’s market, the most colorful ripe fruits, perfectly blued cheese and a variety of salamis carefully laid out in an enticing manner across one of our charcuterie boards. It’s easy to channel your inner-French with the assistance of etúHOME products.

Simple and understated, our farmhouse tables come in various sizes, ensuring a fit for every space! Check out our various size and colors here:

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