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Introducing Maison Spaces

Introducing Maison Spaces

Maison Spaces by etúHOME is a collection of modular cabinetry made simple for the modern home. Inspired by classically rooted European designs, the collection features modular units that can transform a space to be sophisticated yet functional. The units can be placed anywhere in the maison, or home, and are truly modular. Whether they are used in a kitchen, dining room, pantry or bathroom, each unit can stand alone or be combined with others. Free-standing design allows for the units to move with you wherever you go.
The bases are hand forged from European metal, finished with gold hardware and topped with a beech wood countertop, a staple in old-world kitchens. For a modern twist, the beech wood is removable for an upgrade to quartz, marble or soapstone. The Maison Spaces collection also features French-inspired vitrines and storage cabinets, perfect on top of or next to the base units. With endless colors, the collection offers an array of options for home enthusiasts and designers alike.
How It Works
  1. Choose Your Room: Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Pantry, Laundry, Bathroom, Bedroom
  2. Choose Your Space: Up to 9 ft
  3. Choose Your Unit(s): 24” | 36” | 48”
  4. Choose Your Custom Color: Black, White, Navy, Sage, Denim, Merlot, Pink
Beechwood Tops are available to measure for multiple unit installation and Gold Standard Hardware can be easily changed out for a custom look.
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