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How-To Maximize Space in a Small Kitchen

How-To Maximize Space in a Small Kitchen

Say goodbye to crowded countertops and hello to a functional small kitchen. The key to proper workspace and storage is creating maximum efficiency in the space. Any kitchen can be upgraded with organizational tools that free up key spaces while remaining clutter-free. Here are some easy and stylish ways to maximize the space in your kitchen, no matter how small. 

Countertop Organization

The key to organizing a small kitchen is to maximize counter space. With limited drawers or pantry shelves, countertops often become crowded spaces due to poorly organized goods. With minimal storage to work with, countertops can be a great living space for everyday necessities when paired with the right organizational tools. 

Lazy Susan

Replace tiered spice racks with a sleek Nesting Lazy Susan for both spices and oils. The rotating base makes navigating everyday cooking essentials easier to locate. Not only does it bring style and function to countertops, but versatile in kitchen cabinetry and on pantry shelves.

Kitchen Caddy

Keep oils and vinaigrettes at an arms reach for everyday meal-prep. With sleek iron handles, keep the Kitchen Caddy stove-side for cooking and effortlessly move from counter to table for seamless serving. The Barcelona and Bianca Kitchen Caddy bring organization to everyday cooking necessities. 

Cookbook Holder

Rather than leaving go-to recipes flat on the counter, display cookbooks in a Mod iPad/Cookbook Holder. Not only does this free-up counter space, but makes following recipes much easier. 

Dough Bowl

Store fresh produce in one location with a Dough Bowl. Rather than stashing in corners to avoid rolling off, stack fresh fruit in a lightweight bowl and easily carry to the table with the wooden handles. Our handcrafted Dough Bowls are a versatile catch-all that add a pop of color to the kitchen.

Drawer and Cabinet Organization

It can be tempting to store all loose kitchen tools in drawers. With limited space and packed-full drawers, finding the right tool can be challenging. Keep your drawers and cabinets clutter-free with these simple steps.

Silverware Caddy

Drawer space is prime real estate in the kitchen and what if we told you how to gain an entire drawer back? Meet the Silverware Caddy designed for countertop organization and the entertaining professionals. Not only does its chic design look great on the countertop or kitchen table, but its sleek iron ring handle makes outdoor entertaining effortless. 


Utensil Crock

While many have caught onto this organization tool, storing cooking utensils in a crock stove-side also brings character to the space. The Handthrown Crocks have handles for ease of transport and can store all your various spatulas and spoons in one convenient spot.

Stylish Cutting Board

Quality cutting boards are designed to live on kitchen countertops. Invest in a sustainable board that is as beautiful as it is functional. Whether hung on a wall or stacked against the backsplash, our heirloom-quality Cutting Boards will never take space in your cabinets or drawers. 

The Pantry

If you have a pantry, whether closed-off or a stand-alone unit, it’s easy to maximize space with a few simple accessories.


Small baskets allow you to categorize like-goods into one location. If your pantry has traditional wire shelves, baskets also keep smaller items from slipping through the openings in the shelf. Our Rush Baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can utilize the space you have.

Glass Canisters

Throw away unnecessary packaging and re-home goods in Glass Canisters. This reduces the eye sore of miscellaneous cardboard boxes and lets you see how much you have of an ingredient to avoid repurchasing. The air-tight Wood Top and Iron Top Canisters preserve your food for longer and add chic style to pantry shelves.

Take charge of your space this year and set your kitchen up for success no matter how big or how small. With a few organizational tools, your lifestyle in the kitchen can be focused on what really matters: wellness and quality time spent with friends and family. 

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