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The Modern Terrarium

The Modern Terrarium

Bring the outdoors in with one of the biggest home trends: terrariums. A terrarium is an ecosystem enclosed by glass designed to protect plants and maintain humidity. Not only do they look great, but they offer positive benefits. The plants help purify the air, and their peaceful ambiance can help aid in coping with stress. While they gained popularity in the Industrial Age in London, terrariums can have a modern spin.

Cloches, originating in the early 1600's, were designed to protect plants from cold winter winds. The name “cloche” is of French origin meaning “bell,” reflecting the traditional shape of the translucent glass cover. This recycled glass vessel, designed for plant survival, makes the cloche a thriving environment for a terrarium.

As the cold weather months approach, here are some tips as you bring your outdoor inside. Start with a base like Nesting Trays or Trivets - bonus points for using ones made from reclaimed wood. If you're potting new plants, be sure to add a layer of small rocks to the pot and top with potting soil. Be sure to push down to remove any air pockets. Arrange your curation of plants allowing space for new growth, and position with plenty of ambient light. Complete your modern terrarium with a classic Demijohn Cloche. Remove the recycled cork from the top of the cloche weekly to encourage air movement for 24 hours. 

With a chic glass vessel, a little dirt, and a personalized curation of succulents, you'll be showing off your green thumb in every room of the house.  Shop our collection of recycled glass cloches and reclaimed wood trays and trivets to build your lush mini green world.

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