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20% Off All Charcuterie Boards | Promo Code: BOARD20
This Year's Hottest Trend: Pattern Clashing

This Year's Hottest Trend: Pattern Clashing

The hottest 2022 fashion trend seen on the runway is clashing patterns and to no surprise, it's quickly making its debut in home textiles and décor. From rugs to pillows to wallpaper, bold prints are being combined to refresh spaces without a total renovation. With the right accessories, this trend can also be applied to the heart of the home: your kitchen.

Why use patterns?

There’s no need for expensive installations when you can make a statement with luxe countertop accents. Unlikely patterns can be combined to change the mood of your space, boost visual interest, and spark conversation.

How to Clash Patterns

The key to clashing patterns effectively is to stick to the same color palette and distribute them evenly throughout the room. Marry patterns that complement each other to create a sense of balance. The perfect way to add diverse patterns into your kitchen is through statement serveware that lives on the counter. Patterned serving boards add vibrancy and dimension to the kitchen while remaining functional tools for entertaining.

The design on the Tartan Serving Boards plays off statement stripes, which is a classic pattern seen in fashion. These three boards vary in height and color so layering them against backsplash creates depth, warmth and visual interest. 

The COCOCOZY x etúHOME collection features several motifs that complement one another when layered. The shared color palette among the plaid, vine, and link patterns creates a sense of balance throughout the collection. Enhance your kitchen with a monochromatic aesthetic and tie the look together with other accessories in the same colors, such as linens, Colorblock Vases, Iron Top Canisters and Dough Bowls.

Showcase your artistic expression in 2022 by incorporating clashing patterns into your home. 

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