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  • The Scoop on European Travel

    We hope you all know that our products come from Europe, but for those readers who are new to our company or might not be aware- our team curates a collection of found antique objects and home furnishings and décor...

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  • Recept Bistro

    There’s one thing we know for sure- Europe has no shortage of delightful (and delicious) cafes, bistros and coffee shops.  The etúHOME team is always amazed to find dozens of little cafes to pop into when we’re traveling abroad. And,...

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  • Bread Bowl Redux

    Bread Bowl Redux

    Since the early days of etúHOME, our antique bread bowls have been a best-selling item.  They have a classic French air about them that we're fairly certain will never be passé. Their imperfect nature and versatility have made them ideal...

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  • MAD for MOD

    etúHOME is...  MAD for MOD!   At etúHOME we do not follow trends but instead seek to set trends by applying timelessness design, a special form of sustainability.  Our largest and most exciting theme is 'Mad for Mod'. This is a nod to mid-century modern design....

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  • Check Out the Owner's Atlanta Home!

    Joe and Stacy’s love for the European lifestyle has beautifully translated into their family home in Atlanta, Georgia. Years spent traveling for both business and pleasure have yielded authentic accents offering up a residence rich in European history but with...

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  • The Truth About Cutting Boards

    Not all cutting boards are made equal. In fact, there has been a long-standing debate in the food world about what type of cutting board is the best to use- plastic, bamboo or wood? We happen to be slightly biased...

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