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Tips for Holiday Hosting and Gifting

Tips for Holiday Hosting and Gifting

The holiday season brings family and friends together for warm evenings filled with laughter, gifting, and plenty of eating. If you’re the lucky host or hostess who is entertaining a group of loved ones this year, it’s easy to enhance an already memorable evening with the right serveware and versatile take-home gifts. To help you prepare for the most joyful time of the year, we've curated a list of holiday must-haves from serveware to cherished gifts. 


Festive Boards

The perfect holiday gift is one that serves multiple purposes like seasonal décor and festive serveware. The Mod Tree Charcuterie Boards are available in two sizes and colors, so you can gift the perfect tree regardless of their aesthetic. Easily display on a mantle or in the kitchen to spread joy throughout the home. 

Personalized Setting

Whether serving hors d’oeuvres, crudités, sandwiches or dessert, plate each portion on a Mini Charcuterie Board. Prior to the event, label each board with a handwritten name tag for a personalized seating arrangement.

Scents of the Season

Give the gift of luxury fragrance with Geneva and Valencia candles. Embrace the holiday tradition of finding a sweet orange and chocolate in your Christmas stocking. Pre-select a scent for each guest or allow them to choose their own fragrance. Pair each candle with a chic box of Oversized Matches and a handwritten name tag for a personal touch. 


Grazing Board

When a large group of people are gathered in one space, the easiest way to display accessible bites is using a large Farmtable Plank. Run down the center of the table or kitchen island for easy grazing while everyone socializes. If hosting a more intimate gathering, create a spread of festive favorites or classic charcuterie on a White Mod Tree Charcuterie Board to elevate your holiday party.

Seasonal Decorative Accents

Display festive floral arrangements in a Colorblock Flower Vase or Mason Jar for a stunning table centerpiece. If looking for something to last a bit longer, fill a recycled Mason Jar with seasonal accents, like potted paperwhite bulbs or dried oranges, for a seasonal statement.

Holiday Cocktails

For an evening cocktail mixology party, mix unique recipes designed to impress. Fill a few Glass Carafes with your favorite cocktail, or keep it simple with an infused water or tea. Looking to try something new? Try our Bourbon Pear Spritz recipe for an elegant holiday gathering.

Whether you’re a hostess or an attendee, don’t show up empty-handed this holiday. Easily elevate the night with luxury serveware and make family feel cherished with thoughtful gifts. Read our blog on gift-wrapping charcuterie boards here for some inspiration. Happy Holidays!

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